A platform for growth.

At Loop, we take a proactive approach to business technology.

That’s because we believe IT security risks and uncertainty should never hold you back. Your hardware and software should act as secure, reliable and scalable platform upon which to innovate and grow your business.

As well as minimising risks by providing you with the latest security advice and solutions from the world’s leading technology vendors, we also design and build infrastructure that enables you to connect and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers.

Put simply, we make sure you’ve got the right infrastructure, the right software and the right security in place so you can expand your business without being shackled by IT.

Hardware & software for it security

Product Selection & Implementation

At Loop, we’re not tied to one particular technology vendor over another – we partner with multiple world-leading vendors spanning the entire scope of IT security.

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Project Management

Seamless implementation, rigorous risk assessment, a single point of contact for all communication, and total peace of mind.

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Digital Encryption & Assurance

Digital encryption and authentication via SSL certificates provides your customers with the confidence they need to transact on your website.

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Wireless Technology Selection & Implementation

Loop Air is a specialist division within Loop Technology that provides strategic consultancy and implementation services to organisations seeking to transition.

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Licensing & Support

Loop offers you a managed licensing and support service to ensure that your IT infrastructure and software products are always covered with the latest security updates.

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