How Much Is Enough?

Posted 17:28, 18 July 2017 Julie Keizer

In cyber-security circles, this question often pops into discussions around Penetration Testing, ethical hacking or ‘Offensive Security’.

Penetration testing is a great validation mechanism that provides assurance that security controls are:

a) actually as effective as you think they are; and

b) at least as effective as when they were originally implemented. 

A ‘clean’ Penetration Test report demonstrates that the money and resources invested in security are delivering value to the company and are also invaluable during compliance and regulatory audits.

All security controls...

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Blurred Boundaries: Hacking across the digital and physical divide

Posted 11:32, 14 June 2017 Julie Keizer

Earlier this month, Senior Offensive Security Consultant Topaz was able to enjoy the results of a plan years in the making. That plan was to create Australia’s first lock picking and physical security conference. 

Following countless hours developing and coordinating in his spare time, the conference arrived this month in the form of OzLockCon 2017.

The goal for OzLockCon: to provide a forum for hackers and lock pickers to test their skills and push the limits of the latest physical security systems. Critically, Topaz saw this as an opportunity to bring...

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Is cyber insurance really worth it?

Posted 10:11, 23 February 2017 Julie Keizer
Protecting your business from cyber risks can be a risky exercice in itself, with a whole host of legal and financial dangers lurking in the fine print.

Cyber insurance: what is it, do I need it and what does it cost? Those are just some of the questions around cyber insurance, interest in which is being driven by two key factors.

Firstly, the proposed changes to privacy laws. The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 is currently before the Federal parliament. It provides for mandatory disclosure for certain breaches. Debate about this long-awaited and much-criticised...

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Mike Ingram talks about Loop and Intel’s partnership to address industry cyber security chall

Posted 15:58, 3 August 2016 Julie Keizer

Hear how a Business & Cyber Security Advisor at Loop Technology is partnering with Intel Security to provide a complete platform for Loop clients and discover the challenges he’s seeing in the industry today.


Watch the video here.

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Cyber Security, Information Security, IT Security, InfoSec…which is what?

Posted 14:58, 8 March 2016 Julie Keizer

So the new buzz word seems to be Cyber.  I haven’t heard it since the early 2000s really, when it was directly related to MSN Chat rooms, and referred to something that you didn’t want to get caught doing in the University computer room.  Now, every customer I have is asking me about our approach to Cyber Security, typically, it seems on the back of an executive presentation by a vendor or consultant who is looking to change the game.

When I look at Cyber Security, the wealth of...

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Nullifying Metadata Retention

Posted 14:51, 23 February 2016 Julie Keizer

Late last year the Australian parliament pushed through a metadata retention plan which would see ISPs and mobile service providers retain and share metadata of every Australian with Government agents as requested without the need for a warrant.

This scheme was put in place to ‘protect the country against organised crime and terrorism’, but it is also a pretty sizable invasion of privacy. While the much advertised data retention includes data about phone calls that can be used to link people and events together, there is a raft of other information being collected.<...

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